Why is Blogging Important for my Business?

By November 2, 2015Web Services

Most of us are aware that hosting a blog on your website is good for business, but why? How can a blog really help with sales? How much time do you need to spend on writing, and is it really that important? We want to tell you that blogging not only IS that important, it’s a wonderfully effective (and inexpensive) tool that can really fuel your business! Here are just a few of our reasons why:

Blogs give your brand a personal voice. Advertising is not what it used to be. Direct ads often do little more than annoy viewers, and mailers tend to get recycled. Keeping a regularly updated blog, connects you with your market in a way that is more appropriate for today’s consumer, and less aggressive in its approach.

Let’s not forget that blogging is a two way street. Blogging allows readers and followers to engage in conversation WITH you. It is extremely important to invite your readers to comment, share, and discuss appropriate material with you! If someone commented on your suit, car, or attitude in person, you would typically respond with a “thank you!” Always remember to engage the reader in the same way you would in person. You’re building relationships here!

Low Cost and possible revenue from outside advertisers. Bloggers that work together succeed together and many exchange goods or services for advertising space. Network! Approach other blogs or business owners and be open to opportunities. Bloggers and readers alike take these relationships very seriously. Because blogs are all about personal relationships, trust is very important! Choose your partners wisely, and write any reviews honestly. Remember, readers come first.

Your Blog will fuel your SEO. Having quality content on your website not only attracts readers, it allows you to earn backlinks to your articles. Backlinks, or “inbound links”, are links that are directed back towards your website, and are “earned” through offering quality content that others want to share. Search engines give higher credence to a website with lots of relevant backlinks. I want to reiterate the word relevant here. The higher the relevance of inbound links, the greater their impact on your SEO.

Now that you have a few reasons to start blogging, how do you get started?

There are a few important moves to make that will help you get your blog off to the right start:
1. Host your own blog, avoid free sites/hosting services. Implementing a blog onto your own website is much easier than you might think. Hosting your own blog gives you more control and gives your site the SEO benefits you’ve been working for.

  1. Create content relevant to your market. Ask yourself, “What is my customer searching for online?”, and answer their needs in your blog posts. Do this ONE simple trick to find relevant blog topics to write about: Google search ‘forum:(topic)’. This will bring up recent discussions on the topic and allow you to find what answers people in the market are looking for.
  2. Update regularly! Decide on a realistic schedule that works for you. Understanding how often you can write and upload a new post, and committing to that schedule, gives your blog the reliability it needs to attract return readers. Search engines also reward regularly updated websites with rankings because it considers them a consistent source of new information.

That’s it! Enough to get you started at least. Contact us for details on how to incorporate a blog into your current website. Remember, it’s easier than you think!

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