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Many sites now have e-commerce systems on them. An e-commerce system allows visitors to your site to make purchases such as services, physical products, digital products (such as mp3s, pdfs, software, videos, photos, etc.), classes, memberships and subscriptions. A very basic shopping system just uses PayPal buttons to complete the transaction. However, there are limitations to the complexity of what PayPal buttons can do. In more complex situations a full shopping cart system is recommended. A full cart system allows for some of the following components to really maximize the capacity to make money:

  • Easily add and manage large amount of products
  • Sell and manage digital downloads
  • Sell and manage memberships and subscriptions
  • Coupons and complex discounts and special deals
  • Show related and featured products
  • Manage stock
  • Offer products with multiple options (i.e. color, size, style, etc.)
  • Have shipping calculators that calculate and add shipping costs
  • Offer onsite Credit Card processing which looks more professional than PayPal buttons
  • Setup affiliate programs so clients and friends can help sell your products/services
  • Setup product categories and tags
  • Sales reports
  • And much more!

An e-commerce system is a great way to display and sell whatever you offer to the world. Let’s discuss your business and figure out the best solution for you to sell online.

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