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By January 17, 2015Web Services

E-Mail newsletters are great ways to keep in contact with past clients and people that have already expressed some level of interest in your business. Often a business has a customer that uses their service once or twice, enjoys it but then moves on. The newsletter helps keep a business in connection with past customers by reminding them of their presence and keeping them up to date on what they are doing. A newsletter is a great tool to keep established customers coming back for more by offering them special promotions, updates on offerings and events, and new tidbits of important information. Generally a newsletter is connected with updates on your blog and social media. The newsletter allows a direct appearance in customer’s inboxes, helping to better ensure they stay up to date with you. Generally no more than once a month is necessary for most companies, however, some that do a lot of specials and have a lot happening do more.

The main benefits of a Newsletter include:

  • Keep in touch with past customers and remind them about what you are offering
  • Keep customers up to date with promotions
  • Keep customers up to date with news and upcoming events
  • Increase your expertise presence

Interested in learning more and getting a newsletter setup? Let’s talk! We can setup a newsletter database program that will manage subscribers, track newsletters, and design a nice template for you.

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