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By April 17, 2015Web Services

Membership systems are a powerful online platform to offer classes for limited times or for long periods of times. Many healers, teachers and coaches are using memberships to be able to offer their services to a large base of customers with the convenience of the Internet. Basically once the membership system is installed and setup on your website, a variety of “memberships” can be set up with different pricing structures, length of time, and member’s access to special content. Memberships can be set to various levels of prices or just one price. They can be a one-time fee, or subscription-based fees. Once a user pays they are given login access to hidden pages on your site. These pages can be filled with special content such as mp3s, pdfs, videos, forums, and more. This is also a great system to use in conjunction with teleclasses (such as those offered over group phone or video conferences). If you are interested in learning about how a membership program can enhance your offerings to the world contact us to discuss!

The main benefits of a Membership include:

  • Sell your courses and trainings online easily through your site
  • Easily protect and manage content distribution to students/customers
  • Great revenue of income

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