Tips for Marketing Your Website Successfully

By July 19, 2013SEO

You have a beautiful website, now what?

Do you have the right content? Are you getting the visitors you want? Are you gathering an e-mail list for e-mail marketing? Are you turning visitors into ambassadors? Are people visiting your website more than once, do you know? How can you get more visitors? What do you need to do to drive traffic to your website?

To successfully market your website you have to make sure you have the proper analytics in place and you are taking advantage of them. You also have to have a plan for marketing your website based on these analytics, the baseline, and your goals, and your marketing materials must be ready to go and on display in the right places. There are lots of things you may have thought to do, and some you haven’t heard of, but you aren’t able to devote the time to marketing your website. However, marketing is crucial and must be done, and any amount helps. Below are some simple tips and marketing actions you can take.

Below are some tips to market your site.

Make sure your content and pages are keyword rich so the pages of the site are found easier by search engines. Keywords can be put in the writing on the website, in META tags, in photo captions and image tags and links, and in headers of each web page also.

You should submit your site to directories, so it is found in search engines easier. There are lots of free directories to take advantage of, as well as some pay ones. Make sure your website is also linked on the sites of any organizations you belong too, most organizations link members on their website. Other members of the same organization may also be willing to put a link to your website or their website, if you are a partner, not a competitor – these are called reciprocal links and if you ask for them nicely, you may get a few. There are also some online registry sites where you can post and say you are giving to give out reciprocal links to anyone.

While talking to other site owners you can volunteer to write an article or blog for them, on your area of expertise, it is a good way to promote yourself and link your site. Ask them if they want to do a guest post for you too, on the blog you should have on your site to promote your expertise, about current trends in your business, and products or services and increase eyeballs looking at your site. Press releases about your products and service or staff or good to put on your blog too. You should also be posting blogs and press release on various social media, and directing people to your website. You can also have posts from your company newsletter on there and consider starting an electronic newsletter to reach out to your website visitors and customers. An e-mail newsletter should be used to educate subscribers on your business and your services, and share useful tips, it shows expertise and directs people to your website.

People should also be directed to your website every time they get an e-mail or a business card from you, or see your ad in the newspaper – always include your website to get in recognized and get it in people’s heads, so they visit.

These simple things can be done to help market your website and get your more visitors and more sales. If you have any questions and need any consultation or help with designing, writing and executing a marketing program for your website contact Regal Web Agency today.

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