Why your website design needs to be updated, and responsive

By July 5, 2014Web Design

According to a CNN report, citing Enders Analysis, this year was the first time ever that more Americans used smartphones and tablet apps, instead of a computer, to access the Internet.

The report says that mobile devices accounted for 55% of Internet usage in the United States. That trend is only going to continue, so you need to think about how your website looks on a smartphone and tablet, and think about it and look at it right now, and if it doesn’t look right you need to contact us at Regal Web Agency.

Regal Web Agency will make your website look pristine on any device, with any app or browser, with responsive web designing. Responsive web designing means that your website will be displayed, with perfect resolution and readability, on any size screen, on any device. Your site will be well-structured to deliver the most important information and easily convey your message to visitors using a PC, tablet app or smartphone browser. If your site is not designed responsively then visitors could be seeing skewed graphics, partial text, misshaped pictures and more – which makes your company look less professional and makes visitors leave and not even read about you and your products and services and offers.

Each day the number of devices and platforms and browsers people use to visit your website grows, and often your website will be displayed differently and more poorly than you would like, unless it is designed responsively. Responsive website design from Regal Web Agency sets up your website content in a more fluid, multiple grid, layout so it displays properly at all times on all devices and all browsers. It provides the optimal viewing experience, with easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning or scrolling. All images on your website will also be displayed in a more flexible way so a visitor always sees you looking your best.

Let Regal Web Agency help you look your best today, let us give your website the modern, up-to-date, responsive design it needs.

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